Surface Design

Our Surface Design Service

We specialize in surface design techniques that elevate textiles and bring your creative vision to life. Discover our diverse range of fabric dyeing, printing, and embroidery services below:

Fabric Dyeing

Pantone Matching

Achieve precise color matching with our Pantone matching services. We can customize dye formulations to match specific color requirements, ensuring consistency and accuracy in every batch.

Tie & Dye

Explore the art of tie-dyeing, a technique that creates unique patterns and designs by manipulating fabric before dyeing. Our skilled artisans use traditional tie-dye methods to produce one-of-a-kind creations.


Immerse yourself in the beauty of batik, a wax-resist dyeing technique. Our batik artisans create intricate designs using wax and dyes, resulting in stunning patterns and textures on fabric.

Vegetable Dyeing

Embrace sustainability with our vegetable dyeing services. We use natural plant-based dyes to color fabrics, offering eco-friendly alternatives to synthetic dyes.

Fabric Printing

Digital Printing

Experience the versatility of digital printing, which allows for detailed and vibrant designs with minimal setup. Our digital printing services enable high-resolution prints on various fabric types.

Screen Printing

Discover the timeless art of screen printing, ideal for bold and graphic designs. We use high-quality screens and inks to create durable and eye-catching prints on fabric.

Block Printing

Explore the charm of block printing, a traditional technique that involves carving intricate designs onto wooden blocks. Our skilled artisans use these blocks to create beautiful patterns on fabric.


Computerised Embroideries

Explore precision and intricacy with our computerized embroidery services. We use advanced embroidery machines to create complex designs with speed and accuracy.

Hand Embroideries

Celebrate craftsmanship with our hand embroidery services. Our artisans meticulously stitch intricate patterns and motifs by hand, adding a personal touch to each piece.

Machine Embroideries

Experience versatility and efficiency with our machine embroidery services. We use state-of-the-art machines to produce detailed and intricate embroidery designs on fabric.

Aari / Zardozi

Dive into the world of Aari and Zardozi embroidery, known for their richness and opulence. Our skilled craftsmen use specialized techniques to create elaborate and luxurious embellishments on fabric.

Why Choose Patternkraft Design

We are passionate about surface design and committed to delivering exceptional results. Here are compelling reasons to choose us for your surface design needs:

1. Expertise in Diverse Techniques:

Benefit from our expertise in a wide range of surface design techniques, including fabric dyeing, printing, and embroidery. Our skilled artisans and technicians have extensive experience and proficiency in executing intricate designs with precision.

2. Customization and Pantone Matching:

Enjoy the flexibility of customization with our Pantone matching services. We can create bespoke color formulations and patterns tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring that your designs stand out with accuracy and consistency.

3. Traditional and Innovative Approaches:

Experience a blend of traditional craftsmanship and innovative technologies in our surface design processes. Whether it's traditional tie-dye or cutting-edge digital printing, we offer a diverse array of techniques to bring your creative vision to life.

4. Quality Materials and Eco-Friendly Practices:

We prioritize quality materials and eco-friendly practices in our surface design processes. From using organic dyes to sourcing sustainable fabrics, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

5. Attention to Detail and Precision:

Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that every aspect of your surface design project is executed with precision. Whether it's achieving intricate embroidery patterns or flawless fabric printing, we strive for perfection in every step of the process.

6. Collaborative Approach:

We believe in collaboration and transparency. Our team works closely with clients to understand their vision and requirements, providing personalized solutions and expert guidance throughout the surface design process.

7. Fast Turnaround and Reliable Service:

We prioritize efficiency and reliability in our services. With our streamlined production processes and dedicated team, we offer fast turnaround times without compromising on quality, ensuring timely delivery of your projects.

8. Creative Solutions for Every Project:

Whether you're a fashion designer, artist, or brand seeking unique surface design solutions, we offer creative and innovative approaches to suit your project needs. Let us bring creativity and flair to your textiles with our expertise in surface design.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is surface design?
Surface design refers to the process of enhancing textiles or other surfaces through various techniques such as dyeing, printing, and embroidery. It involves adding color, pattern, and texture to fabrics to create unique and artistic effects.
What surface design techniques do you specialize in?

We specialize in a wide range of surface design techniques, including:

  • Fabric dyeing (traditional and eco-friendly methods)
  • Digital printing
  • Screen printing
  • Block printing
  • Hand and machine embroidery
  • Tie-dye
  • Batik
  • Custom Pantone matching
Can you create custom designs for surface design projects?
Yes, we offer custom design services tailored to your specific needs. Whether you have a unique pattern in mind or need assistance developing a design concept, our team can collaborate with you to bring your vision to life.
What materials do you use for surface design?
We use a variety of materials suitable for different surface design techniques, including organic and conventional fabrics, natural and eco-friendly dyes, high-quality inks for printing, and embellishments for embroidery.
How long does a surface design project typically take?
The timeline for a surface design project can vary depending on the complexity of the design, the chosen technique, and the quantity of items to be produced. We strive to provide accurate timelines based on project scope and requirements.
Do you offer eco-friendly surface design options?
Yes, we are committed to sustainability in our surface design practices. We offer eco-friendly dyeing methods, use of organic materials, and recycling or upcycling techniques to minimize environmental impact.
Can I request samples or prototypes before proceeding with a larger project?
Absolutely! We offer sampling services to provide you with prototypes or swatches showcasing our surface design techniques. Sampling allows you to evaluate colors, patterns, and textures before moving forward with production.
Do you work with individuals, fashion brands, and businesses for surface design projects?
Yes, we collaborate with individuals, fashion designers, artists, and businesses of all sizes for surface design projects. Whether you need custom fabric for a fashion collection, home decor items, or specialty products, we can accommodate your needs.
What sets your surface design services apart from others?
Our surface design services stand out for their attention to detail, craftsmanship, creativity, and commitment to quality. We combine traditional artistry with modern techniques to deliver exceptional results that exceed expectations.
How can I get started with a surface design project?
To get started with a surface design project, simply reach out to us with your ideas, specifications, and requirements. Our team will work closely with you to develop a plan and bring your vision to fruition through our expertise in surface design.
Choose Patternkraft for your surface design needs and experience the difference in quality, creativity, and craftsmanship. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and embark on a journey of artistic expression through surface design.