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Sustainable Clothing Manufacturers and Suppliers India

At Patternkraft Designs, we take pride in taking sustainability to all new heights. We do not just say but do it. As the top sustainable clothing manufacturers India, we maintain ethical practices and sustainability in mind, while going about the manufacturing process.
Our motto is to produce the best fabrics and garments while maintaining a zero-wastage policy and properly utilizing the local supply chain for the production of handlooms.
We have spent over a decade researching and creating the finest, eco-friendly fabrics and have converted them into garments for thousands of clients in the domestic as well as global markets. As specialists from different spheres are increasingly showing concern over environmental degradation, we continuously strive to introduce conscious ways to produce fashion.

A Brief Introduction To Sustainable Fashion

Today, sustainability is not just a trend, but an important business process. A survey in the US two years back revealed that almost 35% of customers were willing to pay more for sustainable and eco-friendly clothing.

In the clothing sector, there are many processes in which resources such as water and soil get negatively impacted. During the manufacturing process, chemicals often seep into the soil and adjoining water bodies leading to pollution. Additionally, the production of many fabrics needs huge amounts of water.

As sustainable clothing suppliers in India, we aim to take sustainability to other processes within the industry as well. One of them being the exploitation of labourers. Most factories push their labourers to work for a long time, for a meagre pay.

Moreover, the environment in which they work is extremely suffocating. Fast fashion is also degrading our heritage, as people are led to choose from machine-produced garments. This is leading to a loss of indigenous arts.

Sustainable fashion includes choosing natural fabrics, recycling old ones, and using eco-friendly dyes. Some of the terms that resonate with the concept of sustainability are ethical fashion, slow fashion, and conscious fashion, to name a few. We are heading towards a microplastic disaster, as many fabrics are made from plastic.

As the top sustainable clothing manufacturers India, we have taken it upon ourselves to propagate and follow the concept of sustainable fashion to the core.

Importance of Sustainability in the Clothing Industry

Decreases pollution by reducing chemical runoff and waste in water bodies.
Encourages recycling and upcycling, reducing the need for virgin resources.
Promotes biodegradable materials that decompose more quickly and safely.
Promotes the efficient use of water, energy, and raw materials.
Reduces landfill waste through the adoption of circular fashion practices.
Fosters innovation in sustainable materials and production methods.
Encourages sustainable practices throughout the supply chain, leading to overall efficiency and cost savings.
Reduces harmful agricultural practices and deforestation associated with conventional textile production.
Supports local communities and economies, promoting social equity.
Promotes transparency and accountability, strengthening supplier relationships.
Patternkraft Designs: Leading the Way in Sustainable and Ethical Garment Manufacturing in India

Introduction to Patternkraft Designs

We are one of the top manufacturers in India, practicing sustainable production practices. We follow traditional methods of garment production, which have proved to be less harmful to the atmosphere.

We have a vast array of production practices, which allows start-ups and small fashion businesses to be more productive. You can rely on us, for the production of small orders, as we believe that quality and not quantity, is the key to reaching the zenith of success.

We follow eco-friendly ways to produce clothing that includes men’s wear, women’s wear, kid’s wear, home furnishings, bags, and accessories. We run our production facilities with renewable energy, source the assistance of local artisans for finishing and embellishments, and use recycled packaging material for transportation of all our orders. Thus, we have made a name for ourselves as Sustainable Clothing Manufacturers.

Commitment To Sustainability And Ethical Practices

We have made a commitment to be very vigilant while using our resources for manufacturing fabrics and garments. This not only applies to the earth-based resources used in our production facilities, but also the
human resources.

As one of the sustainable clothing suppliers in India , our commitment towards sustainability and ethical practices is not just limited to our production, but also after that. We ensure to use the most cost-effective and sustainable transportation options to deliver our finished goods.

Why Choose Patternkraft Sustainable Clothing Manufacturers In India?

Ethical Clothing Manufacturer Serving Globally

Patternkraft is an ethical clothing manufacturer that utilizes sustainable and ethical practices to yield high-quality and reasonably-priced fashion. Our company was started with the belief that fashion can be as sustainable and reachable, as you make it. From sourcing to production to transportation, we follow sustainability to the core.

Moreover, our garments are made to last for a long time. Whether you are looking for handlooms or other natural materials, we can cater to all your clothing needs. Additionally, we also follow natural dyeing, printing, and embellishment processes at our facilities. You can place your orders for everyday wearables, occasion wear, accessories, and home furnishings as well.