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Clothing Manufacturers In India

Patternkraft Desgin is a Mumbai-based clothing manufacturer leading the sustainable fashion market today. We specialize in providing one-stop solutions to fashion start-ups, new brands, and fashion designers.

We are one of the few clothing manufacturers in India, who take the environment very seriously and believe in zero wastage throughout the manufacturing process. If you require proper guidance for your business, in matters related to sustainable fashion, surface design, and fashion business consultation, then you need not go anywhere, but head straight to us.

Looking For The Best Clothing Manufacturers In India?

Searching for the top clothing manufacturing company in India is one of the main challenges of most fashion businesses. Most entrepreneurs feel that there is a lack of understanding between the small businesses and the manufacturing partner, on matters relating to minimum order quantity, maintenance of parity between samples and the final product, and affordability.

However, at Patternkraft Design we have helped all businesses who connect with us, to overcome such difficulties.
Our manufactured clothing is at par with international standards and has managed to create a stir in overseas markets as well. We concentrate on the quality, aesthetics, and durability of the products without any compromise at any stage.

Once you finalize the design, we start working on the same and deliver within the agreed timelines. We cater to your requirements related to men’s wear, women’s wear, kid’s wear, home furnishings, bags, and miscellaneous accessories, through the adoption of cutting-edge technology.

Highest Quality Clothing Manufacturers in India- Patternkraft Designs

As the best clothing manufacturers in India, we always look into the intricacies of every project which we undertake. Every new project is catered to, with perfection and uniqueness. No matter, if you are delegating the task of manufacturing similar products, we try to incorporate a unique selling point in each garment lot.

So, that helps other businesses like yours, compete in the market, in a healthy manner. No batch is small for us, as we believe that each individual who works with us, is a partner in our future growth. We bring your design dreams to life and also enhance your sales prospects in the domestic and international markets, through our work.

With more than a decade of experience in the garment design and manufacturing sector, we have already surpassed 6000+ designs and brands. Our extraordinary services in this field have made us the trusted partners of many fashion start-ups and small businesses today. We’re the best clothing manufacturers in India catering to our country and beyond.

How To Choose The Right Clothing Manufacturing Company In India?

If you want to attain a considerable amount of success in the business of clothing or apparel, while outsourcing your production to another company, you must work with reputed brands like ours. Before choosing a manufacturer, you need to ensure that efficiency and quality are both maintained in the production process.
Here are a few things that you should keep in mind while deciding on the best clothing manufacturers in India.

The location is very important when considering a manufacturing partner, as it can affect your overall expenditure. Choosing a manufacturer from a metro city helps in gaining access to miscellaneous allied services, like transportation. Communication is also simpler when your manufacturer is in your vicinity or easily approachable.
The reputation of the manufacturer is also important, as it can impact your expenditure to a huge extent. Check regarding quality, customer care, production methods, and returns policy while delegating your work to a manufacturer.
Next comes pricing, which is a long-term consideration. You must determine if the offered prices are reasonable and sustainable in the long term. Check the average market price and also compare prices of at least two to three manufacturers, before finalizing one.
Quality maintenance is also an important attribute of a third-party manufacturer. There have been instances, in which the manufacturer delivered the final products that were different from samples. So, you should have a written agreement regarding these deliverables.
Return & Damage
Return policy and damage policy are both very crucial and must be ascertained, before delegating the order. If you receive damaged or bad quality products from the manufacturer, you need to be compensated for the same. These terms and conditions should be maintained in your agreement.
If you keep these factors in mind, while choosing the right clothing manufacturers in India, then only your business can thrive

Why Patternkraft Designs Is The Best Clothing Manufacturer In India?

We believe in providing the ultimate customer satisfaction so that our clients keep coming back to us again and again. So, if you want to start your fashion business in India or abroad, do connect with us today!